02 December 2016 / By Anica Petrović
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In our case, everything seemed to have been tried.

Whatever decisions we have made we are far from believing that we are here to experience the life that has been rearranged for us as such for our lives and centuries. On the contrary, we deeply believe that our life is in our hands. However, sometimes it happens that a decision we have been made at some point acted as the only option. You don’t think much about its consequences, because you have a good feeling in the "stomach" and just get on the situation. After a while, and many more or less fortunate circumstances, you realize that everything happened at the right time and that everything is perfectly relevant.

The truth is, we enter entrepreneurship without so much thinking.

Anica has been studying and living in Belgrade for nearly three years. After Srđan graduated on Faculty of Architecture in Novi Sad, he decided to focus on web design after he moved to Belgrade two years ago. Before a year ago, since he spent most of his previous year in his room in a Banat village studying programming, Miloš decided that it was the right moment to move to Belgrade.

At that moment, Miloš and Anica had been in a relationship for three years, so Miloš moved to Belgrade, in addition to work and also because of love. It seems to us that Srdja has similar career-loving motives. While Miloš was thinking about moving, a friend called him and said that his grandson Srđa is looking for a roommate in Belgrade (thank you Beco). Everything coincided and Miloš and Srdja realized they could be more than roommates. They become business associates! Miloš is a web developer and Srđa is a web designer. Miloš needed someone who will design a logo, and Srđa needs someone who will be connecting the contact form on the site. They were perfect match! Soon they realized the first joint project, the second, and the third…

Anica slowly began to understand the IT language with which two roommates often communicated, because she was always in their flat, which was near her dorm.

So, she came one day and informed them that she had scheduled for them a business meeting with the general manager of a well-known domestic company, who needed a website-making service for the company restaurant. At the first meeting, everything went perfectly and the project was agreed. At the second meeting, the restaurant website design was canceled. At the next meeting, it was agreed to be done websites for eight companies, within the company would be worked out. The condition was that money should be paid to the account of a company whose activity will be registered in the domain of web development and design. At that point, the company didn’t exist. All previous jobs were done as freelance projects. The only option was to open a company. And that happened.

The Old Greeks, however, were right - Fortes fortuna adiuvat - business opportunities continued to open themselves. And here we are today.

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