22 July 2017 / By Anica Petrović
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There is always a lot of attention from those who are dealing with any kind of sales or trade dedicated to finding people who would be interested in what they are selling. Electric media has been made a great revolution in the way of reaching potential customers and clients. First of all, that happens because of the number of people who could be reached by radio or television. An impact that occurred by Internet appearance and social network expansion has changed the rules of the game from the root. Your potential customers and clients are spending a huge amount of their time on social networks which have become their favorite and universal media for information, communication, and shopping decisions. Not taking advantage of social networks in promoting business means trailing behind.


Facebook as a marketing channel through which we reach the target group


With over 1.56 billion users Facebook is the largest social network in the world.

While on every other social network you can find people of specific ages and interests - on Snapchat are teenagers, on Instagram are mostly younger people up to 40 years old, on Linkedin are those who are professionally oriented - on Facebook is everyone, even people of 60 years.

One of the biggest advantages of Facebook's advertising platform is the possibility of precise targeting. The essence of a business presence on the Internet is to be noticed by your target group, or potential clients or customers. On Facebook, this goal can be achieved incomparably easier compared to the classic media. For example, if you are dealing with hospitality and want to advertise a discount for a romantic weekend in your hotel, wouldn’t be great if only young couples can see your post or ad? Or, if you want to advertise the post in which you are presenting your wedding hall, why not set it to be seen only by people who are engaged? Yes, Facebook owns all this information about us because almost all of us are happy to share them on our profiles.

Still, one of the main advantages of this social network is measurability of results. This means that you can have an insight into the exact number of people who saw your post or advertisement, the number of those who clicked on it and read it, as well as the characteristics of the people who did it (their age, location, interests, etc.). This way, you get to know your target audience and recognize the way you should communicate with them. For example, you can find out what type of content is most interesting to them.

Profitability. Currently, Facebook is the cheapest communication channel for any business promotions, whether it's an online or offline market. You can reach up to 24,000 people who are your target group just investing 10 dollars in your ad. Compared to that, the same amount is the price for a one-minute advertisement on a local TV station with up to 30,000 inhabitants. It remains the question how many people will actually see this advertisement on television.

The recent change that Facebook has introduced has encouraged many discussions, and it's about moving pages to the Explore Feed. The page posts will no longer be on the classic News Feed where most users have spent time but will be moved to the separate feed. This Facebook's decision is a clear signal that businesses will have to pay now to make their page posts visible in the News Feed. This represents a significant change since some pages have been receiving significant organic reach until now. But, in terms of advertising prices in other media, Facebook marketing remains the most effective form of advertising.

In order to take full advantage of it as a communication channel, it is necessary to use Facebook properly. The essence of Facebook is the possibility of two-way communication. Facebook provides the possibility of feedback contrary to others communications channels (TV, radio) that are one-way, which means they only serve to send a specific message. It's something that must be used. We need to talk to people on Facebook, listen to their feedback and build a community of people who will listen to what we are talking about.

Shortly, this would include the correct usage of Facebook for business purposes.


Is it only enough just to promote on Facebook?


Many business people slowly realize the importance of their presence on Facebook and other social networks and the value it can bring to their business. However, they do not understand the importance of its correct usage. They take the Facebook page only as a promotion channel, where they emphasize various actions and offers, painting their products with boring text above the image. Shortly, they place boring and unattractive content. How do people react to this? They simply ignore such content. Bombarded with advertising content from all sides, we develop the ability of not to even notice them anymore. Just promoting on Facebook means misunderstanding the essence of this social network. While people are on Facebook, they want to have fun, read something interesting or useful, and not to buy something. We need to approach them with this knowledge. We will announce something more about what type of content we need to use on Facebook to communicate with our target group.

The golden rule for publishing on Facebook is 80% of useful and interesting content and 20% of promotions.

  • So if you just promote your products, services or ideas on Facebook, people will not notice it. Just like they do not register the right side of Facebook, where ads are located (it's about eye-tracking experiments). On the other hand, if most of your posts are relevant and interesting, so people really notice and read them, then a nice packaged promotion will take place there much better and more noticeable.
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